Archery, Horse Riding and Swimming Philosophy

Yesterday, Sunday, May 6, 2019, I joined the Community of Aleut !, one of the historical appreciation communities in Bandung. The activity that was carried out yesterday was book and film review. What’s interesting about this activity is that each member can discuss and ask anything about books or films that are reviewed by other members, ranging from flicking the spirit of youth idealism to the political system and the organization of government organizations. Even so, there are still funny comments and out-of-the-box in every review that does not touch politics or social. Comments that add more insight into everyday life. There are different views from each person towards a book or film. One story that gives me more insight is about the philosophy of the 3 sports that men should be able to do in Islam. I have known for a long time, there are 3 important sports that musli men must be able to do, namely archery, horse riding and swimming. But only yesterday I knew the value contained in all three.

The first archery. Not all Muslim men can shoot at this time, in this modern era. But what can be taken from this archery activity is achieving the target. In war, archers can determine the angle of the arrow and calculate the distance so they can reach the enemy. The philosophy that can be drawn from this archery is, a man must be able to set targets, take into account future plans because men are leaders.

The second is horse riding. Just like archery, in times like this, not all men can ride and are interested in horse riding as a sport. But one value that can be taken in this equestrian sport. If riding, one must be able to control the horse. But to control the horse, it must be with good behavior. The horse will be difficult to control when he does not know the controller. If it is associated with the present, the man must be able to direct the masses. Directing but not curbing and not by force.

The third is swimming. When swimming, one important thing to do, don’t panic. When we don’t panic, we don’t need a lot of energy to control ourselves on the water. It is clear, from this swim, one thing the value that can be taken, namely men should not panic, because men will be the leaders who decide something.

That is the opinion of one of the Aleut members! yesterday. He got the lesson from his teaching teacher. Quite interesting and add insight. I totally agree with this opinion, considering that archery and horse riding are no longer relevant at this time. Although there are still some people who have special interests in these two sports 🙂

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